This blog has now been alive for over a year without me writing a single blog post.

It’s about time that changed.

I’ve been working as a software developer professionally for about 11 months now and I love the community surrounding development, IT and everything in between. So one big reason for writing here is that I feel (responsible, almost) to try and give something back to the community that’ve played a major part in where I am in life today.

One part of that is the (swedish) podcast Still in beta where I and a couple of friends talks about being rookie developers. This blog is another attempt at giving back, but there are a few other reasons why I also feel like blogging:

  • Writing more english

Being a non-native English speaker working in a industry where it is the official language could be tough. I am fortunate enough to be from the land of moose and Smorgasbord, Sweden, where English is taught early and well in school. Even so I feel that I have too few opportunities to write in it, and this blog provides an outlet and training ground.

  • Learning stuff

I believe that writing in public about the stuff I learn will force me to get to know the subject at hand even better. I mean, who wants to be wrong on the internet?

  • (Hopefully) Teaching someone something

I would lie if I said I didn’t care if anyone reads what I write, which is also why hopefully I can write something that can teach atleast someone else something new.

  • Putting myself “out there”

No matter if its writing a blog, hosting a podcast or putting your code up on GitHub the most scary thing is that it is public. Anyone can see it, anyone can find faults in what you did and anyone can tell it directly to you. I don’t see this as a purely negative thing, but more like something that develops you as a person and, in my case, developer. We’ve almost exclusively recieved positive feedback and words of encouragment for the podcast which is why I also dare to do this.

So, here goes nothing.